Obama’s Record on Promises

Every American voter who is considering voting for Barack Obama should read this article, published in the Evening Standard in the UK, about Barack Obama and his promises.

Obama visited Kenya with great fanfare after being elected a U.S. Senator, and became an instant folk hero. The village that was home to his father even renamed their school after the Senator. He made promises to help support the school, which was in serious need of basic upgrades, like running water.

What happened to his promise to “spread the wealth” in his ancestral village? As of today, they’re still waiting for that “support” he promised them.

And if you vote for him, you’ll be left wondering what happened to the promises he made to you. Here’s a hint: Remember that tax plan that was going to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year? Then it was $200,000. Then Joe Biden said $150,000. Today Bill Richardson said it was $120,000. And before they’re done, you’ll find that promise simply evaporated.