Fabulous Roses for Christmas!

GUYS! Wanna be a hero?

Send your wife, your mom, or your best girl 50 beautiful roses for Christmas, for only $59! The deadline is December 18, so click the link below to order today!

These are beautiful long-stemned roses grown in Ecuador, the world’s second-largest exporter of roses. This offer has been arranged by personal friends of ours, so we can confidently vouch for the quality and value. One year I received 100 of these breathtaking roses for my birthday.

Most roses go from Ecuador to Miami by air, are stored in Miami and then shipped by truck until they sit in a store. They can be a week or more old when you see them (especially if you buy them in a grocery store). The roses you receive from this offer are cut and stored overnight, driven by refrigerated truck to Quito airport and flown to Miami to a special refrigerated Fedex facility, then flown to your Fedex destination for immediate delivery. They can be in your hands only four days after being cut! They should last about two weeks if you follow the included care instructions. You’re lucky if you can keep florist roses for one week.

Our friends live in Ecuador about half the year and have created a charitable foundation that owns a small hotel there. The proceeds from operation of the hotel are used to help the indigenous poor in the local town. They teach free English classes to the local children, and offer a free lending library of books in both Spanish and English.

For each order of roses, our friends are donating $20 to the Land of the Sun Foundation (LOTS), to help the local population. As of 15 December, 3500 roses have been purchased, generating $1400 for LOTS. LOTS recently held a Christmas party for local children, distributing $500 worth of much- appreciated Christmas gifts to local children who have very little in the way of material goods but are rich in love and joy.

So your order of 50 roses makes two fantastic gifts, for just $59. Imagine the surprise of your wife, mother or girflfriend when she opens a FedEx package to find 50 premium roses, directly from the plantation where they were grown.

This would be an awesome gift for anyone, but imagine how much more special it would be from a deployed service member. And thanks to the internet, you can order these roses even if you’re stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other far corners of the world.

It’s not often you can make such a fabulous double gift for $59. And they come with a money-back guarantee. Click below for details.

Please share this with your friends ASAP (we apologize for the short lead time), and order yours today! And let them know we sent you — there’s nothing in it for us, we’d just like them to know you’re one of our readers.

If you do order them, please drop us a note and let us know how much they were enjoyed.