At ceremony which has not received actually attention in the American mass-media, the United States and Canada have signed military agreement on February, 14th, allowing to support armed forces from one nation armed forces of other nation during an internal civil emergency situation, even what does not involve the international crisis. The American General of Air forces Gene Renuart, commander USNORTHCOM, the agreement on signs on February, 14th 2008, with the Canadian Air forces the General of lieutenant Marc Dumais, the commander of the Canadian Command (photo USNORTHCOM) the agreement defined as the Civil Plan of the Help, has not been presented the Congress for approval, and thus the Congress did not accept the law or the agreement definitely authorising this military agreement to unite operation of armed forces of the United States and Canada in case of a wide range of internal civil disorders in limits from whole gales, to health epidemics, to civil revolts or terrorist attacks.

In Canada about the agreement laying a way to armed forces of the USA and Canada to cross borders each other to struggle with internal emergency situations, did not declare either the government of the Harpist or the Canadian armed forces, causing the sharp protest.”

It kindly from the tendency when business reaches problems of Canada-USA. Relations and controversial problems as military integration, “Stuart Trew, the researcher with Council of Canadians has told Information service Canwest.” We see that this government refuses to open the information to Canadians which with readiness is accessible on the American and Mexican websites. “The military Civil Plan of the Help can be noticed as the further increasing step taken to creation of North American armed forces, accessible to be developed in internal North American emergency situations. The agreement has been signed in army of the USA on the north a staff, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the American General of Air forces Gene Renuart ordering air defence and American Northern Command, or USNORTHCOM, and the Canadian Air forces the General of lieutenant Marc Dumais, the commander of the Canadian Command.”

This document – the unique, bilateral military plan to level our corresponding national plans of armed forces quickly to answer other national inquiries about military support of the civil authorities, “has told Renuart in the statement published on website USNORTHCOM.” In discussion of the new bilateral Civil Plan of the Help established USNORTHCOM and the Canadian Command, Renuart has underlined, “Unity of effort during bilateral support of civil operations of support, such as flooding, forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and effects of terrorist attack to save lives, prevents the person, transferring to soften a property damage, has the highest value, and we should be able be valid, which are flexible and adaptive to support fast decision-making in joint environment.” The general of the lieutenant. Dumais second