Another Free Pass for Obama

How many of you heard about the cost of Barack Obama’s two trips to Hawaii, once for vacation in August (which caused him to refuse a request for a military townhall in Texas), and again last week to visit his ailing grandmother?

Seems that those trips, in a private chartered 757, cost his campaign more than $400,000 EACH, for purely personal trips. He did no campaigning on either trip.

Yet no one in the mainstream media mentioned his waste of more than five times the cost of Palin’s wardrobe (which she won’t even keep) for purely personal benefit.

Surely you remember the flap about Sarah Palin’s campaign wardrobe, for which the RNC allegedly paid $150,000? That was picked up by all the major news outlets. The New York Times ran it on page 1. The media lambasted the RNC for extravagance, and for wasting campaign contributions on such trivia.

Yet none of them mentioned Obama’s wasteful extravagance of more than five times that amount! And many people are trying to claim that there’s been no media bias in this campaign.