Very Sad News Today

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that a helicopter crashed today (August 6) in Afghanistan, killing 30, most of whom were members of the US Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6, along with 8 Afghans.

The timing is especially poignant, as this week (August 2) marked the fifth anniversary of the sacrifice made by Marc Lee, the first Navy SEAL to give his life in Iraq. Marc’s mother Debbie is a friend of ours, and it was her e-mail this morning that alerted us to this new tragedy.

The SEAL community is small and tight-knit, and this is an especially heavy blow. Please remember all these new Gold Star families in your prayers. It is a fraternity no one wants to join, but provides a much-needed support system when families are unwillingly inducted.

America has lost almost two dozen of its best and bravest warriors today. It is indeed a sad day. We can never repay the debt we owe them.

God bless them all, and their families.

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