Obama’s Birth Certificate Controversy Continues

The controversy over President-Elect Barack Obama’s birth certificate continues. There is a new effort to force him to produce an authentic birth certificate for inspection before the electoral college votes on December 15, to prove that he, in fact, is eligible to be President, as a natural-born citizen of the United States.

If you would like to support this movement, here are two opportunities:

1) Click on the link below and sign the petition at World Net Daily to demand Obama produce a legal birth certificate.

2) Fax the White House, which supposedly has said that they will respond to the legal birth certificate issue if they get 3500 faxes before Friday. (Obviously, there’s no way to verify this.) Here is the fax number (yes, it’s really a White House fax number – we did verify that): 202-456-2461. In your fax demand a response.

You might also want to send a copy of your fax to the Republican National Committee, at 202-863-8820, and the Justice Department, Office of the Attorney General, at 202-307-6777.

If anything is going to be done about this issue, it should be done before the electoral college votes.